Corporate services


Human resources

Engaging multi-skilled, focused and Intellectual staff ensuring that the right people with the right skills, culture, knowledge and attitude are in the right job function allows for work process stability.

Our HR unit is involved in 14 key people management issues which are:
• Attraction
• Recruitment & Selection
• Induction & Orientation
• Probation & Confirmation
• Remuneration
• Staff welfare
• Training and Development
• Performance Management
• Talent & Career Management
• Succession Planning
• Separation
• Outsourcing
• Retention Management

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
The ICT age has brought with it new ways of doing business and we are not left behind at Rosaab International. Our objective is to ensure that technology is used not just as tools but as a platform for developing all of our businesses by creating value added information system solutions.