Our Partnership

Strategic Partnership

Rosaab takes pride in the successful partnerships and joint ventures that we have formed over the years to address the challenges facing the industry. These partnerships with local and world class international organizations ensure we are consistently supported by experts with vast experience and dedication.
Some of our partners include:

Temme Bau

A foremost German construction company that ensures we can further deliver on:

• Road Construction
• Hospital Construction
• Bridge Construction
• Construction of Silos and other agricultural related structures
• Building Construction and Civil Engineering

Temme Bau provides the complete range of structural and civil engineering, turnkeys and project development.


As a result of our desire for quality finishes and consistent value delivery, we have developed a strong strategic alliance with RosaPro Switzerland for supply of materials such as Tiles, Aluminum Composite Sheets, Roofing Sheets, lightings and fittings.

All materials are sourced in bulk, deliver right on time for any project. We consider logistics challenges in all our projects and our partners are on hand to meet this.