Our core values

Our belief

We believe that Rosaab is graced beyond measure, our playing field is the world, starting with our immediate community. We believe that we can achieve anything we set our hearts to do. We believe that we can learn and unlearn anything. We believe that all our people are unique like the butterfly and highly talented individuals.

Our core values

The values of a butterfly. At Rosaab our culture is expressed as we live out our core values.



We say what we mean and do what we say. Our Yes and No are straight forward, therefore, inconsistent or dishonest characters cannot work with us.

Team spirit:

We are an engaged fun loving family working as one entity but different strengths.
We succeed and celebrate as a team and jointly face our challenges inspiring the best potential expression. The Rosaabian spirit is expressed through our butterfly culture.
We have and display respect for our vision, the butterfly spirit, customers, Rosaabians, resources, time and our community.

Entrepreneurial spirit:

We don’t see our work as jobs but as our business and so we have creative passion to achieve the very best result because we own the business. We are constantly expanding our colourful horizon. For us, nothing is impossible.

We constantly pay attention to details and keep abreast of the emerging facts by developing new competencies and implement industry best practice. Everything we do can stand up to extreme scrutiny.

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