Social responsibility

Take a Girl Student to Work project

The South African High Commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria has previously identified the “Take a Girl Student to Work project” as an annual social corporate investment event and a constructive way of positively contributing to the global efforts to address challenges faced by young women, particularly African women and “the girl child”.

On the 28th of August 2013, Rosaab International as a formal partner and member of the South African Chamber of Commerce participated in the Take a Girl Student to Work project by hosting five ladies from the University of Lagos.

Taking into consideration their academic interest, the ladies were conducted around our facilities and benefitted from a training which was aimed at boosting their confidence levels, preparing them for the future and an exposure to what to expect in a work environment after graduating from the university.

This project resonates with the organisation’s culture of developing people and nurturing talent. We always open our doors to students from tertiary institutions as part of our social corporate investment project.