The rosaabian

ROSAABIAN PROFESSIONAL: – The Rosaabian is a creative consultant, a solution provider driven by the vision, mission and core values of the butterfly.

As consultants we offer specialized skills to all stakeholders based on our experience, personal and professional maturity.

ROSAABIAN ENTREPRENUER: – The Rosaabian is an entrepreneur, passionately driven by new ideas both for growth and expansion. We are like the colorful butterfly- Uniquely evolving, extremely positive attitude in the face of challenges, pursuing new opportunities by our innovative minds, hard working and resourceful. We are driven by the passion to have long term impact in our community. We are community and industry pathfinders.

ROSAABIAN LEADER: – The Rosaabian is a transformational leader. He/she takes the lead and is willing to take responsibility, authority yet sensitive to the unique needs of stakeholders. Our people are humble, graceful, have high positive mental attitude and are resourceful coaches and mentors.

We are dynamic and collaborative managers with extreme ability to set up systems and structures to support new opportunities and ensure long term growth and sustenance.
Our people are multi-skilled analyst, multitasking yet producing excellent results.


Our Thinking: Our purpose as individuals is to have life time significant impact on our communities. We are therefore visionary and boundary less thinkers. We think BIG and we see the end of our vision fight right from the beginning. We retain faith that we will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties and at the same time, we confront the most brutal facts of our current reality whatever they might be.

Our Customer Service Philosophy: – We establish our customer’s expectations and provide creative solutions through our products and services that go beyond these expectations giving them value that they did not envisage or even know they wanted.

Our Communication: – we communicate openly and candidly to one another while respecting the colourful views of others. Our team conflicts only allow more blends or shades of different colours to be expressed in work situations.

We use extremely positive words in our respectful communication. We do not have words like impossible, I can’t, I don’t know, no money, rather, we say, let’s try, or let’s research the possibilities, it possible, we can win.

We greet each other with respect, energy and passion believing that the next person is the most supportive and unique team member. We also see our team mate’s uniqueness and that is why we are passionate about one another.

Our Work Environment: – our colourful, comfortable and fun-based work environment inspires team work, creativity and diversity in ideas based on our individual uniqueness. Our team meetings are collaborative events and our team is eager to attend and share great and inspiring ideas during all meetings.
Only the very best people work in our team and we reward only the best and not the rest.

Our Celebrations: – we recognize and treat every victory as a big victory and celebrate as a team with colours, energy, fun and passion looking forward to the next team victory.

Our Colours: – We are a colourful people, everything we do is colourful and the butterfly expresses the unique way we think and see from different perspectives of the spectrum which enables us evolve and manifest varying colourful competencies and capabilities over time thus remaining relevant for all times.