Digital signage is an electronic display platform that can be used for advertising, brand awareness or for passing relevant information via the application of HD video and graphics.

Digital signage gives brands an edge over their competition due to the fact that digital signage delivers information in real time. As a result of the lightings and high quality graphics and videos, digital signs tend to capture the attention of its audience in comparison to print signs.

Here are some of the benefits of introducing digital signage to your business.


Digital signage helps you cut cost on marketing materials. Digital signage helps save cost on printing materials like posters, flyers and print billboards. It also cuts cost on logistics and storage of marketing materials as well as time spent in producing print ads.


Around 80% of brands that use digital signage experience 33% increase in sales. Digital signage has the tendency to create immersive customer experience which could result in customer impulse-buying and up-sells. This is done by editing digital content to motivate audience to make impromptu purchases.


Digital display signs attract 400% more views than print displays. They also have a higher recall rate (83% compared to print ad). The human mind has a higher tendency to recollect a digital image of a subject to the print version of the same subject.


Digital signage allows cross-connectivity between various media. Digital displays can aggregate social media contents, weather reports, sports highlights, movie trailers to name a few. Brands also use this platforms to stream videos about products and services which in turn helps drive brand messaging. It gives an avenue to stream testimonial videos from various social media platforms. This helps boost sales as 92% of customers prefer peer-to-peer recommendations to traditional advertising.


Digital displays are easily deployed to its intended location. Unlike print ads, digital display needs no deployment of marketing materials from one location to the next. It can be easily displayed by a click of a button and also allows for easy updating and editing.

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