Health, Safety
& Enviroment Policies

Policy Statement

The company will take necessary measures to ensure the safety and welfare of all workers and other persons that may be affected by her activities.

It is also the responsibility of employees and sub-contractors to take care of their own health and safety and to abide by the safety rules to ensure safe working conditions at all times.

The company will as far as practicable possible provide:

  • A safe working environment by the provision, design, production, operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Adequate instruction, information, training and supervision
  • Control measures of situations likely to cause damage to property and equipment
  • Effective fire prevention and fire control procedure
  • First aid box for first aid treatment in the event of minor accident at work.
Persons Responsible
  • Setting good example to all workers under their supervision
  • Proper education on why and how to use the safety kits and maintenance of all equipment and facilities should be effectively communicated
  • Ensuring that all sub-contractors understand and comply with the company’s policy and procedures on health safety and welfare at all times
  • Refraining from drinking alcohol and use of drugs whilst at work
  • Ensuring adequate funds and insurance are provided to meet the health, safety, and welfare requirements and liabilities of the company to its clients, employees, sub-contractors
  • Ensuring full dissemination of information related to health and safety
  • Ensuring that all accidents/dangerous occurrences are notified to the relevant enforcing authority
  • Carrying out investigations into injuries, cases of work related illness and near misses and identifying the causes and ensuring that adequate steps are taken to prevent re-occurrence.
Employees and Sub-contractors
  • Every sub-contractor/ employee must be aware that he is responsible for the safety and welfare of himself and those around him
  • Maintaining a safe and tidy working environment to prevent hazards at the working area
  • Ensuring that personal protective equipment (PPE) is always worn in the factory or on site
  • Making use of belts during scaffolding
  • Attending any training sessions provided to support health and safety in the work place
  • All sub-contractors must conform to the health, welfare and safety rules and regulations applicable to the work being done
  • Ensuring that they operate plant and equipment only where they have received adequate training and instruction and are competent to do so
  • Avoiding horseplay in and around the factory, as well as on-site
  • Obeying all safety and warning signs.

The personal protective equipment to be used by workers depends on the type of work and the working area. Minimum safety gears include:

  • Safety helmet
  • Overalls
  • Hand gloves
  • Safety boots
  • Safety goggles when cutting and welding
  • Nose guard when working in a dusty environment
  • Reflective jacket when working in a dark area
Environmental Control
Business halls with fire extinguisher
  • Provision of appropriate fire fighting equipment in all work areas and checking the equipment at regular intervals.
  • Educating workers on the steps taken in fire fighting, providing escape means and fire alarms.
Hand pallet truck and carriage
Lifting and Carrying
  • Extreme care should be taken when lifting items to avoid accidents.
  • Mechanical aids should be used where available or get assistance from another employee.
First aid articles and kits
First Aid Facilities
  • The company will ensure that there is provision for first aid in case of injury and that the first aid kits are adequately maintained.
  • Employees will be informed of the location and arrangement made for first aid treatment at all work places.

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